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What is the Bible Actually about?

This week we are going to look at the Bible. Of course we are always looking to the bible in all our topics but what we are going to look at this week is a very brief overview of what is in the bible and what it is saying. Clearly this is going to very brief and there is a huge amount more to look at and study and learn about but this is hopefully a very quick way to just think of the bible as one story, God’s Story.

Recently I went through a bible overview in which we divided the bible into 16 important chunks.  Clearly this doesn’t cover every bit of the bible but it starts to build an overview of the bible. So here is a sentence of so just to give a very brief overview of the bible.

  • Creation – Genesis 1-2 – God creates the world and everything in it by his voice, he utters the command and the world is created. He creates humankind as his most precious and treasured possession. He does this to show his love and his glory, with a display of power and authority.
  • The Fall – Genesis 3 – Humans fall, they break Gods one command and therefore break and beautiful and holy relationship with God. Humans try to take the crown as ruler from themselves. Gods justice must come because of this broken relationship but God still offers a glimmer of hope.
  • The Flood – Genesis 6-9 – Humankind has become so wicked and broken that God has to do something to show his power and his judgement that is justified. He sends a Flood that is a justified punishment that wipes out humankind but in his mercy he saves Noah and his family because Noah is a righteous man. Humankind continues, still with sin though, God makes a promise with Noah to not flood world again.
  • God’s promises to Abraham – Genesis 12 & 15 – God makes a covenant with Abraham, Great nation, blessings, offspring and descendant and a reward. Gods story continues and is starting to reveal itself.

(Gods people end up in Egypt after settling there and then Pharaoh taking them as slaves)

  • Rescue from Egypt – Exodus 6-12 – God rescues his people from Egypt, showing his commitment and plan and the holding of his promises.
  • Mount Sinai – Exodus 19-20 & 24 – God gives moses the law, to show how to live and ultimately showing humankind’s inability to save themselves therefore showing the need for a saviour.
  • A Sacrifice for Sins – Leviticus 16 – The sacrifice system used is shown and shows how to does a Job of repentance for a time but ultimately is not anywhere near enough to justify us from our sins. We need a saviour.
  • The Promised King – 2 Samuel 7 – Israel finally enters promised land of Canaan, they need a Good king so they get David, he isn’t perfect but seeks God most of the time. But a promise of a greater King is made.
  • The Great Rescuer – Isaiah 40 – A great rescuer in coming that will set people free, Isaiah shows that, he shows there will be an immediate rescue, a return to Jerusalem, then Christ will come and save and a future fulfilment of heaven.
  • A Suffering Servant – Isaiah 52 v 13 – 54 v 17 – The promised rescuer will be a servant to save, he will suffer in our place, this is how God will achieve his plan.
  • A New Heart – Ezekiel 36 v 16 – 37 v 28 –  God promises to deal with the issue of sin with a new heart and in doing so offering new life to his people.

(The old testament ends with the prophets looking to the future as well as the return out of exile)

  • Fulfilment Begins – Luke 3 v 1 – 4 v 13 – The arrival of God’s promised king, rescuer and servant is imminent. John is proclaiming the message again, same as prophets of the one coming.
  • The Saving Grace – Luke 23 v 26 – 24 v 12 – Christ has come lived a perfect life, taught others, set a way to live and invested in disciples. He come to his ultimate goal of death and 3 day being raised again, giving salvation to all who believe and taking the punishment for sin.
  • Justified by Faith – Galatians 3 v 1 – 29 – How to be saved is the question at hand here. Pauls letter highlights how we are saved and justified through faith, people are confused by how they are saved and feel they need to work and earn faith still.
  • Gods Exalted King – Acts 2 v 1 – 41 – Jesus has completed what he came to do, now his people have to take in it out into all nations, the early church starts with a rapid expanse. The holy spirit is left with Gods people and works in amazing ways.
  • The New Creation – Revelation 20 v 11 – 22 v 6 – Gods plan for the whole of history is put right what went wrong at the fall. He is planning a restored relationship between one another and between God. A new heaven and earth is promised and glory will be to God for all he has done. We will be reunited with God in Heaven.

So there it is a very brief overview of the bible, there is so much more to learn and get from the bible which takes time and a consciences effort to get the most out of. There is also very helpful book if you want to read more into a bible overview by Vaughan Roberts called ‘Gods Big Picture’.


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This post was written by Pete Oram, an intern at Gold Hill and one of the leaders in our youth ministry.

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