The Next Step

In our journeys with God, we need to hold on to the things He has been speaking into our lives. On Sunday evening, Dave helped us explore the God who asks us just to take the next step. How can we take that and make sure we’re still stepping forward now that Sunday is over?

The full sermon can be found here if you would like to listen to it in full.

Next Step

The God of small stages

God has always had plans, and always used people to carry them out. But we are smaller than Him, and He knows we can’t always get the whole way in one go. When Abraham was led into the future God had for Him and His family, He was given a glimpse of where God was taking Him, but ultimately He was led on ‘in stages’ on the journey that was meant for him (Gen 12:9).

God called Philip to step-by-step obedience as he spoke into the life of a man from Ethiopia (Acts 8:26-40), not knowing why he was being asked to do the things he needed to do, but obediently just taking the next step and trusting God for the ones after that.

We don’t always need to know the full picture, and we certainly don’t need to be able to grasp the full plan in one go, or get there immediately. But what we do need to do is be willing to take the next step, the thing God is calling us to do now, instead of missing that next stage of our journey.

A windmill restored

Dave shared a picture that we believe God has spoken prophetically, and it’s a picture of a windmill. The story of how we have journeyed with that picture and sought its meaning is itself a story of revelation by stages. And it speaks ultimately of a windmill that needs to be restored, but that restoration needs to happen bit by bit, not all at once.

If we want to be restored to effectiveness, if we want to take hold of all that God has for our futures, we must be willing to let Him do things in us and through us in the order He wants, instead of jumping ahead or trying to get it all at once. The picture above is an image of the windmill Dave spoke about, the one that is being restored. As you can see, it is a significant work, but one which will ultimately lead to a restored and fruitful windmill.

So what steps is it that God is asking you to take? You might have been with us on Sunday, and you might have very clear ideas of what new things God is doing in your life or calling you towards. Or you might need to seek God for where He is taking you next.

Be released from the idea that you need to know the whole picture, and simply ask Him for the next step.

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