The doorway to freedom

Last night in our ‘Fresh’ gathering, we were invited to open ourselves up to God and let Him minister in the areas where we are not free. It was an important time, and God released many people. But as always, hearing from God on a Sunday is not the end of the story—we need to hold onto it and let Him continue to work in us. So this is a short reminder of what Malcolm shared to help us hold on.


Barriers to freedom

We want to be free, but just because we are Christians does not mean we automatically live in freedom. We are free from sin because in Jesus we have been given forgiveness, but are our lives free from the pull of sin? None of us can say we are yet, but God wants us to grow closer in that. We can bat it off and pretend we’ve already got there, but then we become a barrier to our own freedom and cannot truly embrace it.

How do we become free from the worst parts of ourselves?

Malcolm encouraged us that God looks at us and lovingly says something like this:

Stop pretending – be in a place where we can at last deal with the stuff that I already know about.

Finding freedom

God exposes sin, but His heart is to do that lovingly, to help us by pointing it out so we can let Him deal with it and give us truer and more complete freedom. Whether it is David being confronted by Nathan (2 Sam 12), Jesus highlighting Peter’s betrayal (Luke 22:61), Ananias and Sophira’s deceit being exposed (Acts 5) or even Adam and Eve in the garden, God consistently gives people an opportunity to recognise their sin instead of being held down by it. What they do with that is their choice.

When people’s sin is exposed, we sometimes see it as the work of the devil, and certainly there is some truth in that. But sometimes it is the work of the Spirit, shining warm light on areas where we need to be drawn on and led forward.

Where in your life are there things that you are keeping hidden, where you need to let God bring something to the surface for you, not publicly to shame you, but personally to free you? Are you resisting that work? Where could God lead you to greater freedom?

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  • Paul

    It would be good to get some more input into the story of Ananais and Sapphira.

    Did God give them the chance to recognise their sin or the opportunity
    to repent and find freedom? On the surface of things it looks like they
    both lied once and were struck dead!

    can we learn form that story? It’s certainly a warning against cheap
    grace. It also shows that the God of the New Testament is the same as
    the God of the Old Testament!