Strengthen yourself in the Lord

Yesterday evening, we had a powerful time of encounter with God and being strengthened in Him. We want to hold on to what God was saying and speaking, so this might act as a reminder, or if you were not with us it will hopefully be a blessing to you.


Malcolm called us to resolve in ourselves to call our soul to focus on God and allow Him to strengthen us. Our job is not to find strength, but to call our minds and our whole selves to be centred on Jesus, and so to find strength from Him, not from ourselves. In particular, there are three things Malcolm encouraged us to focus on.

1. Hold on to the promises of God

God has promised us who He is, and what He will do in us. He will never leave us. He will always love us. He will be with us. All these promises and more are clear in His word. We can hold Him to account for them. We can make the choice to remember them, speak them to ourselves and hold on to them no matter what.

God also makes certain promises to each of us from time to time. If He has given you a promise for you or someone you love, do not let it go. Hold on to it and keep seeking it.

2. Hold on to the unbreakable power of God

God wins. He has won the victory over sin and darkness, even over death. We do not need to muster the power to face all the things we face, rather we look to Him and live each day resting in His power, His victory.

Do not strive in your own strength, but throw yourself onto Him, on the power which raised Jesus from the grave, the same power which Paul says lives in us.

3. Seek out the will and purposes of God

The live lived at peace with God’s purposes for us, not straining against them, is the truly fulfilled life. Not always easy, but always better. How often do we ask ourselves the question ‘What do I want to do?’ instead of asking God what His will or His purpose is for us or for a situation we face?

As we seek each of these things, and choose to constantly turn our thoughts and our gaze back to them, we find strength, our spiritual muscles build and we can step forward.

Which of these three things do you need to make the concerted effort to focus on today, or tomorrow? How can you consciously and deliberately set them before yourself so you do not get diverted? The things we hear on a Sunday can inspire us as we hear them, but they make a real difference when we choose to apply them every day.

So this week, strengthen yourself in the Lord.

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