“Responding to Refugees” with Malcolm Duncan, Martin Williams, Michael Spain & Charles Overton

Podcast 18

This week the podcast is a little different from normal. Instead of a conversation with Dave, Malcolm hosts a conversation between himself and three other church leaders from our locality. They are Charles Overton, of Chalfont St Peter’s parish churches, Michael Spain of St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Chalfont St Peter, and Martin Williams of St James’s Church in Gerrards Cross.

They discuss the refugee crisis, and what Christian responses to it might be, both on a theological and a practical level. We believe in partnership, and in having these sorts of conversations, working together so that as a community we can serve those in need.

If you want to find out more about Home for Good or how you might be able to partner with them as an individual or as a church, we thoroughly recommend that.

If you want to know more about the churches that these four men lead, their websites are here:

Chalfont St Peter Parish
St Joseph’s Church
St James’s Church, Gerrards Cross
Gold Hill Baptist Church

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