#OneHourOneThing – Sam’s story

This month, we’ve set a challenge on here: pray for one thing, a thing you feel very strongly about, for one hour. Today, Sam Britten, one of our interns at Gold Hill, shares his experiences for us.

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Sam’s story

Dave came up to me in the office and asked me if I would be willing to take the one hour, one thing challenge.

I asked him what it was and actually thought that it sounded quite daunting. One hour is quite a long time for me to spend in solitary prayer and particularly praying about one thing. But I said alright and then didn’t do anything about it that day.

When Dave reminded me about my acceptance this week, I was really regretting having said yes. I am speaking to the youth at the GOFest conference this Sunday morning. I am quite nervous about it because it will be probably the largest gathering I have spoken at and I am trying to put plenty of preparation into my sermon. Hopefully so that God can speak through me without the weakness of my flesh getting in the way too much.

Bearing this in mind I said to Dave “I’m really concentrating on preparation for GOFest” which I though was a fairly good excuse to get out of it, at least for this week. Unfortunately Dave countered my excuse by saying “Well you could pray about GOFest couldn’t you!”

Sam BrittenI immediately realised that, yes I could and probably should and that Dave had skilfully out-manoeuvred me in conversation.

So I took myself of to a quiet room spent an hour in prayer.

I didn’t spend the whole hour on my knees with my eyes shut, I might try that one day but I didn’t this time.

I prayed in tongues, I read the bible for quite a large part of my hour, I prayed out loud and in my head.

Mainly I asked God to speak to me about the talk I am preparing for GOFest and for God to help me in my preparations.

I also spent some time just trying to listen to what Holy Spirit was saying to me. I have the expectation that I if I ask God to speak to me he will, so I waited.

As I waited, I rested. I think this is OK, God gives us rest when we need it. Maybe I needed some rest, I definitely felt better for it.

Right at the end of my hour I felt God say something to me. Not an audible voice but a thought rising from within me bringing a sense of peace and changing my state of mind.

This is what I believe God said to me: I need to submit myself to Jesus entirely, body, mind and spirit. That includes my work, the talk I am preparing. What that means is that I will let God speak through what I say, I trust Holy Spirit to do that. I won’t worry about not being good enough to speak to the gathering of young people on Sunday morning because God is sovereign over it all and his will shall be done.

As I realised that, I felt a certain weight lifted from me.

I think I have also learned that even when I feel like I am being stretched thin, I still have one hour to pray about one thing.

Thank you Sam! If this has struck you or you have any comments, drop them below. And do carve out the time to engage with this challenge yourself, too! Let me know how it goes

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