Micah – God’s Great Purpose #23

Welcome to week 23 of the God’s Great Purpose series. This week we are exploring the book of Micah. There are a number of different ways we’ve put together to do that, so we hope you find something that helps you.

Introduction to Micah

Here is a short video we’ve produced to set the scene for Micah. If you want to see all the videos so far in the series, the playlist is here.

Daily Reading Plan

As well as the main passages from Micah looked at in the sermon, here are 7 daily readings that together help to give a bigger picture of God’s Great Purpose in the book of Micah. The dates are suggestions for people following the whole Bible reading plan.

2nd August – Micah 1
3rd August – Micah 2
4th August – Micah 3
5th August – Micah 4
6th August – Micah 5
7th August – Micah 6
8th August – Micah 7

Bible meditation

It’s good to read chunks of Scripture, but it’s also good to read small sections and dwell on them, allowing God to speak through them to us. Below is a simple method to use to guide you through a process of meditation, and some suggested verses from Micah to use. There are no ‘set days’ when we recommend you do this, so please use these as and when you wish.

Follow these simple steps, and use them to reflect on the passage (for a fuller description of the process, click here.) Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the whole process.

Pray, asking God to meet you through His word.
Read, slowly and a few times.
Meditate, turning over what you’ve read in your mind. Are there certain parts that stand out? Dwell on them.
Pray, bringing your reflections before God, asking what it might mean for you.
Listen, giving God a space to bring into focus what He is ministering to you.

The passages we sepcially recommend are Micah 2:12-13 and Micah 6:8, but you might like to use other verses too.

Study Notes

During the summer, we are not producing study notes for each book as many of our Life Groups – for whom they are primarily written – do not meet. We will start writing these again in September.

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