Joy to the world!

This past Sunday, we spent the morning as a church celebrating the Nativity story, and focused our thoughts around this word: joy. Here are two sisters, Hannah and Emily, reflecting on their experiences of ‘joy’. Enjoy!


Hannah Parkin (11)

The church service at the epilepsy centre today was great. It was on one of my favourite topics – joy. The reason joy is my favourite topic is because my middle name is Joy. So whenever I hear joy in a song or a sermon I always have a little laugh because it sounds like they are speaking to me personally.

God brought joy to the world by sending his one and only son Jesus down to earth to save us from our sins. This service reminded us how joyful that should make us. God has sent you a personal invitation through his son Jesus who is knocking on your door right now for you to let him in so you can be with his father forever. Great joy!

The carol we sang, “Joy to the World” ,has a line, “let every heart prepare him room,” and that is what we need to do this Christmas.

Emily Parkin (17)

Recently I have struggled with joy. One of my best friend’s mum died unexpectedly last week. At school as a group of friends, we would begin to laugh and then stop when we remembered the pain that our friend is going through, how could we continue as normal when someone else so close to us had their life destroyed for no reason? I realised how easily, what I thought of as joy could be taken away and realised that the joy I thought I had was not the over whelming continuous God joy from the Bible.  I saw that biblical joy comes from a surety of my value and future with God, but my friend who has no faith must be in such a bleak place of pain and sadness.

I had always found it hard to share my faith with my friends but now it seemed insensitive to try to reduce this friend’s pain by telling her that a God she didn’t believe in wants to give her joy regardless of what had happened.

I spoke it through with some Christian friends and my mum and I learned that the way that I could share that biblical joy was by showing God’s love through my relationship with my friend. It sounds simple but I am praying and striving for the opportunity to be a vessel of God’s joy and love to my friend and that I would be there when she does ask the big questions so I can try to share the source of my joy.

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