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What are Holy Habits? 

At a recent retreat day as a church staff team we looked into Holy Habits. We looked into how we can train ourselves to be holy. Some may call this disciplines but whatever name you want to give, training yourself to be Godly is a great way to show your love and grow in what he wants for you.

“Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly.” – 1 Timothy 4 v 7 

Holy Habits are so important, they give structure to the way we live, they allow us to keep focussed on God. God is doing the work in us through the Holy Spirit and he will always keep working in us no matter what our holy habits look like but we should strive to bring our holy habits more in line with Christ.

What Holy Habits are there? 

Meditation – Concentrating the mind, Christian mediation is about filling your mind with God. Concentrating on God, his scripture and how he fills your life.

Prayer – Dialogue with God, a communication with our heavenly father, a strengthening of our relationship with God.

Fasting – A time of temporarily giving up, refocussing on God and exerting the non-physical over the physical.

Study – Deepening our understanding of God, intentional exploring God’s will for our lives.

Simplicity – The secret of contentment – Keeping Christ at the centre of all we do, removing distractions and living with what we need rather then what we want.

Solitude – Set aside time to spend with God, not necessarily being alone but being in a place that the companionship of God is enough.

Submission – Submitting to authority, Giving your will over to God’s will for your life.

Service – Giving up your own gain, helping others in needs, giving up time and talents for others.

Confession – Being honest and open with identifying your sin, before God and practically before others. God’s perspective is far greater than ours.

Worship – Giving Glory to God, through gifts, opportunities, abilities and praise.

Guidance – Being able to give direction and listening to God’s voice, seeking his will, wisdom and counsel. Deliberating accepting guidance from God, directly and through brothers and sisters in Christ.

Celebration – Being thankful, blessings, in what he has done but ultimately because of who he is.

Chastity – To forsake worldly pleasures, maintaining sexual purity.

Celibacy – To have no other, or abstain from, intimate relationship (life partner) other than your relationship with God.

Fellowship – Sharing and encouraging, being amongst believers and having companionship together with Christ at the centre,

Sacrifice – Making a choice to give up and give away something that costs you.

Secrecy – Audience of One, having a heart attitude to not take praise for your giving or worship, it’s all for God.

Silence – Creating undisturbed time and being still with God.

This list shows a number of Holy Habits, some you will probably be able to look into your life and see. Seeing the fruits of them. Some areas we may be in a place where we can see we have missed out on habits and there has been a negative effect, some other habits may have never been tried or look at and striving to find them may help you with your journey to knowing God more deeply.

I hope thinking through some of these in your personal life will be beneficial and help you to deepen and strengthen you relationship with a loving heavenly father.

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This post was written by Pete Oram, an intern at Gold Hill and one of the leaders in our youth ministry.

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