“Hard Times” with Malcolm Duncan & Dave Criddle

Podcast 6 - hard times

Dave has the first of two conversations with Malcolm, the lead pastor at Gold Hill, about Hard Times in life, and what it means to keep following Jesus in the midst of them. Both Dave and Malcolm are walking the road of suffering and hard times at the moment, so this is not an academic discussion, and they both share very personally from their own experience.

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  • http://www.cfsiemreap.org Ivor Greer

    Malcolm, thank you for your discussion with Dave on this podcast. I would like to post a link on the CFSR fb page. Blessings and peace to you both (and your family) especially as you prepare for Keswick soon.

    • http://limpingintotruth.blogspot.co.uk/ Dave Criddle

      Hi Ivor. Thanks for your encouragement. We would be more than happy for you to post a link on Facebook – many thanks for doing so. There will be a second part to this discussion next week, so do check back.

  • Melanie DeSimone

    Thank you for sharing what God is doing and has done in and through you in pain and sorrow. I lost an adult son in April 2014 in a motorcycle accident. Thank you for authenticity, for openness, for honesty, for saying things like: “I didn’t feel God was there, but I believed He was”. It’s so important to make room in the fellowship of believers for honest expressions like this. From the morning when I got the news, I have leaned into the promises of God in Christ. Now, two years later, I cannot say that God has miraculously shown Himself present or given me a sign that He is with me, but I can say that I continue to trust the truth at the center of my heart: God is good and He is sovereign. I have questions, questions, questions-“I don’t need to understand Him to trust Him”. May the Lord give wide audience to your faithful sharing.