“God wins”

Sundays are great. We can gather to encourage one another, worship with one another, meet God together and hear from Him through His word together. It’s brilliant. Sundays are great.

Monday to Saturday can be harder. We don’t feel as connected to our church family. It can be harder trying to ‘go it alone’. But of course we aren’t alone. God is still with us on a Monday, and we are still family on a Thursday. So to kick off our weeks well, and to hold onto what God wants to say to us, we’re going to start posting up here encouragements that come directly from what God has been saying to us here at Gold Hill on the Sunday. Let’s try to hold onto this stuff, wherever we find ourselves.

God wins

“God wins”

Yesterday, as he helped us explore the book of Ezekiel, Malcolm shared this very short sentence:

“God wins”.

We can’t always see that victory. When we see ISIS on the rise and countless destitute refugees running for their lives, it’s hard to see God winning. When we look at our own finances, it can be hard to see God winning. When our relationships or marriages or friendships are at breaking point, it’s hard to see God winning. As we slog through the commute, God’s victory seems distant at best.

But we don’t say “God wins” because we feel it. We say it because we know it. The resurrection of Jesus is a powerful statement that our greatest enemies—sin, death, and the Devil—have all been defeated already. Their demise is certain because Jesus has overcome them all on our behalf.

Jesus has overcome, so we can overcome also.

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Here’s some words which blows me away, as Paul writes to encourage the Ephesians church:

I pray…you may know…the immeasurable greatness of his power for us who believe, according to the working of his great power. God put this power to work in Christ when he raised him from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 2:17-20)

In other words, the exact same power that raised Jesus from the grave is the power which we can know and have pulsing through our veins.

We are not weak, because we are on the right side. We can see breakthrough and transformation in any and every situation. Let’s seek that, press into that this week, today. And when we see it, let’s celebrate it! Tell us what God is doing. When we struggle to see it, let’s choose to keep believing what the resurrection tells us: “God wins”

DCThis post was written by Dave Criddle (@DaveCriddle), the online pastor at Gold Hill. He has his own blog, Limping into Truth, if you want to read more of what he has written.

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