#BiblicalCs – Beginnings

Over the next month we are going to try a new and different way to create a bible overview. We are going to look through the bible and think of a word a day through the month of May to represent one key point to help build an overview of the whole Bible.

One twist though… every word for each day will begin with the same letter. We are going to be using the letter C to build our overview.

On @GHBC twitter and our Gold Hill Facebook page we are going to be posting each day throughout the month to build up this overview of the Bible. We will eventually get an overview of the key points and areas of the bible through 31 words beginning with the letter C.

We would love you to get involved and follow along, posting or commenting on what you think on each days word or sharing as we go look at the bible through the month, either through Facebook or twitter. Also we would love you to think of other words to describe the bible or have ago yourself with a different letter to create a different bible overview. You can use the Contact Us page to send your thoughts or idea through with different words or by challenging yourself to use a different letter.


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