What we believe

It is not possible to sum up everything we as a church believe in such a short space. But if you find yourself wondering what this whole Christianity thing is about, or where to start, hopefully this will help.

We believe in God, the God the Bible speaks about, who made all things and who is good and loving and kind. We believe God made a perfect world, an overflow of His own loving nature, and that the pinnacle of that perfect world was humanity, who God made so we could have a perfect and close relationship with Him.

We believe that God has given humanity as a whole, and each person as an individual, the choice to love Him or the choice not to. We believe that sadly we have each chosen to live our own way, and have rejected the God who made us, loves us and wants to be close to us. The Bible calls this sin. This has broken our relationship with God, but also leads to all the brokenness of the world around us.

We believe that ultimately the message of the Bible is one of the restoration of everything. God wants to see all things restored and made perfect once again. But instead of staying distant, God came close to people, showed Himself to them and nurtured them. We believe God never has, and never will, give up on the world He has made.

We believe that God entered our world as a human being, Jesus Christ. He became everything we are, taking on all the joys and sorrows of humanity, and lived the perfect life, never once falling into sin and rejection of His Father in heaven.

We believe that when the innocent Jesus died the death of a criminal on the cross, all the sin of the world was placed on His shoulders. All the brokenness that our relationship with God has suffered, all of our rebellion. And He paid the price, which is to die and be separated from God, from all of His goodness. Because of His sacrifice, our debt is paid.

We believe that Jesus did not stay dead, but rose again, conquering death itself so that if we know Him we need never fear it ourselves. If our relationship with God has been restored through the cross, then we can have the hope of an eternal future with God, living in His goodness and presence forever.

We believe that each person needs to decide for themselves whether they will accept what Jesus has done for them. If we choose to do so, God freely gives us forgiveness and acceptance. If we choose we do not want God, He will respect that and won’t force Himself on us.

We believe that those who choose to follow Jesus are filled with God Himself, the Holy Spirit, who lives in us, equips and empowers us, gives us strength and gifts and purpose. We believe that without the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, we are powerless to do anything of significance and worth for God.

We believe that we live in the time when God is working through the Church, all those who are His followers, and that through us He wants to reach the whole world with this message of love and grace. We believe that God has given us the Bible to reveal Himself to us, and that we must live under it’s authority and guidance.

We believe that one day Jesus will return again, and will finish what He has started. On that day, everything will be made perfect and new, and those who have chosen Him (whether they’ve died or are still alive) will live with Him forever in that perfect world.

We believe that this is the most important question we’ll ever answer: will we accept this for ourselves?


If you want to know more about this, or speak with someone about it, or if you want to make that step of commitment and accept this for yourself, please let us know in this form and we would be honoured to do that.

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