About this website

If you want to know what this website is for, the best thing is this short video where our online pastor, Dave, will introduce you to Gold Hill Online.

If you prefer reading, this is for you…

So much of life is lived online these days. That poses two challenges to those of us who are followers of Jesus. And this website has the aim of helping us address both challenges.

The first is this: if we want the whole of our lives to be lived for Jesus, shaped by Him, seeking Him, what does that mean for our online life? If we are online people, we need to be online disciples. But do we seek to connect with God through our phones, tablets, computers? We get so much of our information online, but how much of our spiritual development happens there? Through daily content seeking to spur us on in our walks with Jesus, this website should help to make that a much bigger reality for us.

The second challenge is a little different: if the world is increasingly living online, and Christians are called to go into the world and reach it with God’s love, surely that means we need to reach people online? What does it mean to share Jesus with people on Facebook or our other online social networks? We’ll be exploring that here too.

So this website will have lots of ways to engage faith and spur us on. There will be discipleship challenges, stories of what God is doing in people’s lives, podcasts exploring issues of life and faith, material tying into our Sunday teaching, blogs and articles and videos about theology, about world issues, about all kinds of topics. We really hope there is something to help everyone here.

If there is something you think would be helpful for us to do, please get in touch and let us know.