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I couldn’t take a blind leap of faith that Christians take?

Faith is a massive part of Christianity and is vital in our walk with Christ. From an outside point of view and without searching it can appear that Christians are just blindly following and relying on faith in Jesus. Faith being exercised blindly isn’t the wisest thing, so as Christians we need to make sure our faith has a basis.

We all use faith every day. We have faith in an aeroplane being able to fly and faith that electricity will work and provide light for us in our homes. This faith is based on experience. We have discovered how electricity works and therefore we have faith it will work. Physics has given us evidence about how an aeroplane works, therefore people rely on it being able to fly.

Christians faith is similar; it is based on something. We do not jump in blindly  thinking it might work out, rather we look to the evidence of the bible (follow link to #BigQuestions post about the bible and how it can be true), we look to a God who is faithful and true and a God who has been working in this world and in our lives.

Sometimes barriers to faith are not based on logical reasoning, but unwillingness to look into the evidence. A lot of people also have had very negative experience of Christians, churches or the things we stand for, and are very put off from really exploring things as a result.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” – Hebrews 11 v 1

Faith is based on evidence of God through prayer, through encounter with Him and importantly though His word. Just because we do not see God physically doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist and that faith is just a blind jump in the dark.

To find out if Christianity is based on a blind leap of faith we must make sure we look for the evidence. We don’t have to throw all intelligence out of the window to have faith in God. We do well to research and we must encourage others including non-believers not to write faith off without looking into the evidence.

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This post was written by Pete Oram, an intern at Gold Hill and one of the leaders in our youth ministry.

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